Now's the perfect time to get involved in a band. We have 5 Bands already cranking with the Band School and we're pretty excited about the future. The video below helps explain what we do, but feel free to fire any questions our way. We think going to lessons is a bit like going to a sporting practice. Repetition and drills are important skill builders, but using that knowledge in a real game is where the bands come in, it's the payoff.

  • Weekly sessions 60min sessions

  • At least 1 concert per term, around the region

  • Bands are based on ages and abilities. Style and interest are also considerations

  • Skills learnt include everything to do with the music industry, performance, stage setup, gear preparation, tone, group cohesion, leadership skills are taught during sessions.

The skills I have learnt through The Band School have been applicable in a huge range of music and non music scenarios. It's helped me run gigs, manage bands I have been in, and even do professional tutoring. Kiran Richards (whole interview here)

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The Band School places musicians of similar abilities, ages, and styles together to create bands that will eventually join the music industry. We mentor bands with like-minded musicians from the music industry, play regular gigs, and learn practically about all aspects of the music industry, until you’re ready to become a part of it!

Before we arrived to Gisborne in 2013, The Band School Wgtn had 10 bands running every week and mentoring them from some of NZ's best internationally recognised musicians.