Hanging out

We like young musicians to feel comfortable in our space. That’s why we have instruments sitting around like the electric drums and the guitars. Feel free to sit and try them out, or warm up with them! We also have free WiFi and enough games and instruments to keep you occupied while you wait around for a ride or parents. 


We realise people get sick and we're sympathetic to sick kids. Actually we don't want to get sick ourselves. We ask to be informed by 9am the day of the lesson if you're going to be not attending lessons or you will be charged. We also ask that you're not 'sick' too often, as we have a waiting list of students wanting lessons. 

Payment Details

We prefer online deposits, and ask not to see cash. It gets busy at times and remembering who paid what can be a nightmare.
Payment frequency is your choice, but we prefer people to keep up to date. 
We will sent invoices / statements about once a month.


Erica is in charge of all things money, freeing up tutors to teach. If you have any questions feel free to ask erica@thebandschool.co.nz

Hanging out

We're happy for students to stay before and after their lessons, but we do finish each day at 6pm. 

Cost for Music Tuition 

1 lesson = $32.00    
5 lessons = $160      
10 lessons = $320 

Cost for Band Tuition

$180 per term (90 min band / older bands)

$120 for (60 min band / younger bands)

Bank Details

To: The Band School Limited
Account: 38-9011-0435764-02
Reference: Students Name


We will occasionally ask you if your time can be moved to accommodate another lesson or a family, but it's your choice. We have a first in-first served policy so feel free to say no. 

Public Holidays

We won't be operating on public holidays, we like em too!